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    Cancer Research Funding


    The American Cancer Society has been conducting and funding cancer research since 1946. In that time, the Society has spent more than $4.5 billion on cancer research, funding 47 Nobel Prize Laureates. The research the Society conducts and funds spans numerous areas, including how best to prevent and treat cancer, why and how cancer comes about, what cancer survivors need most, and how to ensure equal access to cancer care. Currently, the Society funds over $2.8 million in research here in Oregon at OHSU, Providence, U of O, OSU and several other institutions.


    Winning the fight against cancer depends on preventing it, treating it, and curing it – all impacted by cancer research discoveries.


    General support for ACS research programs allows the flexibility to invest research dollars where they’re needed the most. Help unlock the next cancer discovery, wherever that may be.


    Contribute to the 2017 Paddle Raise


    In 2016, ACS CEO Gary Reedy announced an ambitious goal; double our annual research budget by 2021. That would mean spending approximately $240 million on research a year by 2021. By restricting our paddle raise to research, we would be able to build on this momentum, the excitement around the cancer moonshot and help support this remarkable national goal.